Teaching Your Child to Clean Their Space

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While every member of the family has their own schedules, it remains critical that everyone can understand and contribute to cleaning the entire home. Starting this early can help build a good foundation of staying clean. Practicing good housekeeping is a skill your kids would need as they transition to adulthood.

How should you teach your children to clean their own space? Start with recognizing your child’s capacity. Depending on their age and their maturity, the complexity of the task would vary. The initial thing to build is the understanding of why cleaning is important. The parents and the rest of the older family members must be able to show the same level of commitment to cleaning. Your child learns by example and they can easily pick up habits that they see.

Start with small tasks. Keeping them responsible for their bed or their toys. Then, you include them while you are doing cleaning activities. Encouraging positive behavior will reinforce their learning.

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