Learning Center Cleaning for the New Year

Most schools have resumed classes already, meaning halls and classrooms will soon be flooded with students eager to touch all sorts of surfaces, such as tables, doorknobs, whiteboards, and many others. If you own or manage a learning center, it is your responsibility to keep these children, as well as your employees, safe and healthy amidst a global pandemic.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facilities

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released a list of considerations for cleaning and disinfecting to help individuals practice proper sanitation at home and in other spaces.
In summary, you will need to:

  • Develop a Plan (which includes).
    • Determining what needs to be cleaned
    • Determining how areas will be cleaned
    • Considering the resources and equipment needed
  • Implementation.You need someone to regularly provide you with Cleaning services in Cleveland area to help keep your facilities clean and germ-free.
  • Maintain and Revise.Continue or revise your plan based on appropriate disinfectant and PPE availability.

We at Speckless Cleaners INC can provide learning centers with professional Cleaning Services in Chesterland, Ohio to ensure that their facilities stay in good shape.

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