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When it comes to cleaning your home, there are some standards to consider in order to maintain a healthy and hygienic space. There are certain tasks that you need to do every day, while there are others that you can do once a week and outsource to a cleaning service in Cleveland, Ohio.

At Speckless Cleaners INC, a provider of exceptional office/house cleaning in Brecksville, Ohio, we are committed to helping you keep your living space tidy. Read on below for a simple cleaning schedule you can follow.

  • Disinfect the sinks
    Even if your sink looks clean, you should disinfect it every day, especially your bathroom sink.
  • Vacuum rugs
    Rugs should be vacuumed every one to two weeks (more often if you have pets). This helps keep dust, dirt, and allergens at bay.
  • Clean doorknobs
    Although doorknobs are one of the most highly contacted surfaces, you only need to wipe them once a week.
  • Clean the bathroom
    Once a week at least. The bathroom is the ultimate bacteria host. To keep bacteria at bay, disinfect the toilet, sink, and shower curtain at least once weekly. If you have a bathtub, you have to clean it every two weeks.

If all this cleaning seems daunting, you can always hire a cleaning service in Cleveland areaCall us now!

Aside from our cleaning services, we also offer apartment painting, floor remodeling, and truck detailing in Solon, Ohio. We look forward to working with you.

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