Cleaning of restaurants and cafes

Cleaning of restaurants and cafes A restaurant is a place of rest for the soul. A posh place that always has special requirements. This applies to both the menu, staff qualifications, and interior design. All the more important is the high-quality cleaning of restaurants. In a beautiful interior, with a good menu and professional staff, you can easily fail a business if you run the place in the dust and dirt. Discomfort and rejection of any visitors will cause a dirty public catering establishment. The simple secret of success is cleanliness The requirements for cleaning restaurants are very strict and are clearly controlled by state authorities. Cleaning of restaurants in the Cleveland, Ohio from the cleaning company “Speckless Cleaners” is always of high quality and fully meets the requirements of sanitary standards of the state.

In many establishments, cleaners work, and some businessmen generally save money, and cleaning is done by employees of the hall before, after, and during work. According to the requirements of service standards and sanitary requirements of services, such cleaning options have a number of disadvantages. It is difficult for one person (a cleaner) to prepare the hall and other auxiliary premises for work. Professional cleaning and disinfection of food equipment and the entire kitchen is beyond the power of ordinary workers. Increasing the staff for cleaning entails a lot of additional costs, which is not always rational for business. Cleaning restaurants is a labor-intensive, daily process that can not be carried out by cooks or waiters. This staff is constantly in contact with the food and guests of the restaurant. They are not able to carry out the cleaning in a proper way and in a short time. If you calculate the expenses for the salary of a cleaner and purchase the necessary detergents and related attributes (rags, sponges, brushes, etc.), you will get an impressive amount that is spent monthly. It is much easier and more profitable to contact the cleaning company “Speckless Cleaners” The company’s specialists are familiar with the subtleties of cleaning restaurants. State standards of sanitation and requirements of the staff of public catering establishments are always a priority in our work. Genius is simplicity Keeping your restaurant or cafe neat and clean is a requirement of its owner’s image. The big name of the chef or the refined interior can take a back seat if the guest feels uncomfortable, starting from the entrance to the restaurant. Speckless Cleaners produces: Wet and dry cleaning; Cleaning of leaded glass windows, glass and mirror surfaces of the restaurant; High-quality cleaning of food equipment, hoods, production tables, inventory; Cleaning of toilets, the production room and the utility room; Clean different things : from baseboards and casings to the crystal chandeliers in the Baroque style; High-quality cleaning of cafes and catering is carried out in a short time by qualified specialists, using the best inventory and equipment. In the market of cleaning services in the Cleveland, Ohio, Speckless Cleaners offers a wide range of services at the most affordable prices.

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