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Periodic or daily cleaning of apartments in the Cleveland, Ohio is a great solution for saving time and constantly maintaining your apartment clean and fresh. Starting the day in a clean and cozy home is a guarantee of good health, general well-being, and a great mood for You and Your family. Also, a particularly important aspect of signing a contract with us for daily cleaning is that you will begin to save time, money and nerves, because housework takes a lot of time, energy and money. By ordering a service from Speckless Cleaners, you can spend more time on your family, friends, or favorite hobby, and more energy, money, and nerves on more important things for You.

All work in our company is performed by responsible, diligent and highly qualified employees who use only professional chemicals and equipment that will keep your office or apartment in constant comfort and cleanliness. When ordering a service from us, we sign a long-term contract, which takes into account all the customer’s wishes, starting from the type of cleaning and ending with the day of the week and the time of visiting the housekeeper. The time can be any morning, day, or evening.

woman holding cleaning tools
woman cleaning

The service INCLUDES

This is not a complete list of actions that are included in the cleaning of apartments, but only the initial one.

  • wet floor cleaning;
  • carpet cleaning with a vacuum cleaner;
  • washing toilets, bathrooms and sinks; disinfection;
  • carrying out the trash in a designated area;
  • wipe-down all surfaces: office equipment, furniture, shelves, cabinets, etc.;
  • polishing all mirror surfaces.

If necessary, the customer can agree to perform additional services, such as walking Pets, washing dishes, washing or Ironing.

Separately, I would like to tell you how to clean the children’s room at the conclusion of a long-term contract for permanent work. This room always needs a special approach, because children are so tender and sensitive. Only the best hypoallergenic products are used for the treatment of floor coverings, and all dust must be carefully removed.

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